Colinmccourt ( @colinmccourt )

8:18 AM Dec 7, 2018
It’s Friday! Running is a funny game, it can change your life in one run, then it can bring you back down to earth on the next one. . This is why you have to take each run for what it is. Enjoy it and don’t over think them! The more you worried about your heart rate and mile pace or (km) the route you go on! The more pressure you put on yourself, try to relax and just run (I know that’s easier said than done) . I think we all Focus to much on running each run faster than the one before. Trust me that has to stop at some point, consistency is far more powerful, just getting out more regularly than running harder and harder when you can! . Try and be consistent have a good routine that you are comfortable doing and you feel like that your not putting running in the way of your life, it should fit, I love running on my lunch at work A Runch. It works for me and means after work I can just go home to my family. That works for me. Find what works for you, find your consistency. . #runthroughuk #running #trackandfield #tracknation #track #runner #runforlife #instarunners #runnerscommunity #instarun #runnersworld #nikerunning #weightloss #instarunning #run #runhappy #runitfast #wearetherunners #worlderunners #therunningnetwork #pegasusturbo #runningtime #runningcrew #runningisfun #marathon #marathontrainning #instarunner

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire



  • @survivor3500 9:44 AM Dec 7, 2018

    I have been quite consistent of sorts running anything between 45 mins to an hour each session which I now cover quite comfortably . Happy to get in the routine again.

  • @tommarp26 10:21 AM Dec 7, 2018

    Love this col mate keep it up :)

  • @lovemerchants2 6:20 PM Dec 7, 2018

    Sound advice as always Colin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👏🏃‍♂️

  • @chillthread 6 days ago

    just stopping by giving your page some love. good day!

  • @colmobrien_0 5 days ago

    Now you are getting the mentality that you need. Running is your friend not your enemy! It's your running. I know the stopwatch can sometimes show the "wrong" time! Not to worry. Happy Christmas.