When you realise you ran in the morning instead of night and it is actually pretty okay. Can you switch from a night owl into an early bird? 🤔

Stockholm, Sweden



  • @running.charlotte 3 days ago

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  • @ein_auslander 3 days ago

    Over your injuries ? I remember you having to pull out of a marathon some weeks back

  • @running.charlotte 3 days ago

    @ein_auslander yes! Or well, building back up, had a lot of rest in November 🙂 how are you?

  • @moveat.pl 3 days ago

    Lovely pic my dear Friend

  • @katietriestorun 3 days ago

    I will always be a night owl! 🦉🙋🏻‍♀️

  • @bikes_and_braids 3 days ago

    Running in the morning is so good. Sets you up for the day (in my opinion)

  • @running.charlotte 3 days ago

    @bikes_and_braids yes! That is what I felt as well!

  • @justme_dani.ela 3 days ago

    tried once to run in the morning. I hated it all 6k

  • @lynnabbottmccloud 3 days ago

    @running.charlotte Reminds me of running in Reykjavik a couple years ago when we were there for Christmas. The upside is the sidewalks are heated! Enjoy!

  • @running.charlotte 3 days ago

    @justme_dani.ela hhahahha

  • @running.charlotte 3 days ago

    @justme_dani.ela love your honesty!

  • @scooby_runner 3 days ago

    I am trying to do that myself right now. My buddy @the_greekdrums is a night owl and I'm an early bird. I've started going yo bed late and it's throwing off my schedule so I'm trying to switch back.

  • @hangryrunnergirl 3 days ago

    Sometimes- but I prefer the mornings 😅

  • @aerialspartan 3 days ago

    Yes you can definitely switch! I did it because I now have to start working at 7am

  • @ein_auslander 3 days ago

    @running.charlotte not bad, carefully running again after about six week off with injury, creeping back up to 50k weeks but being careful. Glad you are doing well :)

  • @richard_1b 3 days ago

    I’ve always been a night owl but trying to get into better morning habits. After years of trying, still not easy! 😁

  • @ginger_is_running 3 days ago

    Ahhh you are in Stockholm! Awesome - lovely place to run - great place to live! 👍

  • @juannguyenrunning 2 days ago

    Yes...anytime is good! 💁‍♂️

  • @cato_vrouwenraets 2 days ago

    Oh die lampjes!! Zo leuk😍

  • @phoebecharlotte94 2 days ago

    I used to always run in the evening but about a year ago started running before work and now I’m a converted morning runner! 👊🏻

  • @wapi_yoga 2 days ago

    I cannot run at night, my legs just don’t work 🙈 I start running at 6am as I live in a hot country..

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @cato_vrouwenraets lekker festive!

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @juannguyenrunning all day every day 😁

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @ginger_is_running Yes! Like this place, it was so peaceful in the morning 😃

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @aerialspartan early! 💪🏻

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @hangryrunnergirl can also imagine that it is not that hot in the mornings yet!

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @lynnabbottmccloud heated?! Never heard of that! At least no slippery road for you 😃

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @scooby_runner yes, my aim for next weeks is to try to go to bed a bit earlier, let’s see how that works out! Good luck with your switch!

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @richard_1b how are you doing it? Trying to go to bed earlier? Watching YouTube videos about it 😁

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @phoebecharlotte94 sounds promising! Guess it won’t happen overnight but good to hear it worked out for you! 😃

  • @running.charlotte 2 days ago

    @wapi_yoga oh yes can imagine, looks beautiful in East Africa!

  • @richard_1b 2 days ago

    @running.charlotte Yes, it’s just habits really. Trying to change the habits of a lifetime is hard but if you can consistently get up earlier and go to bed earlier, you can change gradually over time.

  • @melsa.runs yesterday

    I'm a night owl so much prefer evening runs. But lately I've been trying to do my long runs in the mornings. And because they're during the weekend, I just try take a nap after to make up for having to get up early! 😁

  • @running.charlotte yesterday

    @melsa.runs haha that’s a good strategy as well! 😃